Activities at Le Domaine Le Bocage

Various organizations and professionals have chosen the domain to organize their activities. You will regularly find the following activities:

Plenty of opportunities for group holidays on and at estate Le Bocage

From a whole week with a group of friends to a midweek in which you can eg. celebrate your parents’ golden wedding party and fill it out according to your own wishes. That is possible at Le Bocage.

Tips for fun trips can be found on the De omgeving page.

Painting holiday

with Mathilde Kenter

Mathilde Kenter organizes painting holidays at Le Bocage. For a large part of her life she is already busy with various forms of art painting. In addition to her work, she has been supervising twice a week for 50 years on the path of painting. Her painting is not limited to a few materials.

Color your life better! Participate in an inspiring place on the painting holiday under the guidance of Mathilde.

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Enjoy-parent-child vacation

for the most beautiful APK Vacations

More and more parents come to stand alone in caring for their child or want a child alone! Monique Sajet of the New Love in Brielle organizes APK holidays on the domain. Just like with your car, people also have to be checked regularly.

On Le Bocage you and your child can go for relaxation and rest, but also get acquainted with like-minded people and learn from them.

Also coaching, tantra massage and personal training are organized in this week. Participants may wish to participate in this. Also trips in the area will make the week special!

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Singles 30+ holidays

For the most special singles holidays

Of course you can book a singles holiday at any of the main stream providers, but a singles holiday at Le bocage is truly special and custom fit. This energetic place, with two crossing Ley Lines, assures that like-minded people are immediately attracted to each other (or not?). Nothing is impossible here at Le Bocage.

Come to your senses in a peaceful environment, but maybe also find the way to your forever love and happiness and meet new friends. During this week of holiday, you can take part in complete privacy in trainings, games, tantric massages, dating, just letting your mind roam free or experience fantastic and active trips in the rural surroundings of this beautiful, untouched part of France.

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A retreat and development holiday week/weekend

with Annelies Laurier-Kuus

Psychic Annelies Laurier-Kuus is also an energetically, mourning, personal loss, child and reincarnation therapist. Her practice is called Paradean in Driebergen and Wijk bij Duurstede. Annelies is also keeping practice also in St. Hubert, on the beautiful and energetically estate Le Bocage in Savigny, Haute Marne, France.

Here she can give full attention in rest and peace for several connecting days and give guidance more intensively. She offers 2 to 3 times a year a retreat and development week or weekend with activities like Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Healing, Reading and Breathing Therapy as well as Hand Reading.

Furthermore she also works with energetical cards, photographic sensing, intuitive painting, etc. She can do this individually, but also in small groups, to offer the greatest amount of attention.


Every participant gets their own program, adapted to their own capabilities and development, but there’s also time an room for relaxation, of course. Annelies also focusses on the high sensitive and New Age children. But the normal Earth people are also welcome, with or without physical or mental issues.

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Biodanza with Phoebe

Dance, Enjoy and live the way you truly are!!

Dance, Enjoy and live the way you truly are!! That is the motto of the Biodanza holiday week.

Phoebe gives weekly Biodanza workshop classes in Amsterdam, is a member of the board at the Dutch Biodanza teachers association and is director of the Rolando Toro School for Biodanza in Rotterdam.

Phoebe organizes dance days and weekends on a regular basis and an annual Biodanza holiday at the Le bocage estate in France. This estate is a very special energetical spot, where she can recharge herself and others with dance.

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Body & Mind Summer holiday

Peter Benders is the connecting force behind FIT Body & Mind and organizes out of his hobby and passion, short holidays and workshop days. Inspiring cooperation with several different professionals and trainers is the true Force!

Peter Benders organizes a sprankling holiday for self awareness and balance of Body & mind with inspiring trainers and amazing workshops on the beautiful and energetical estate Le Bocage, where lot’s of room, nature, culture and rest is available.

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Song and Expression Holiday

During the song holiday at Le Bocage, Julie Scott and Roeland Drost offer a varied program, in which your voice will be challenged to be used on a creative and theatrical way on all facets.

Besides practicing with the group, there is also a lot of personal attention for your voice and performance.

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Sculpting on Le Bocage

Detailled plans are being made to organize yet again another sculpting workshop on the estate of Le bocage and we want to combine this with other creative workshops, such as Decorative floor paintings or the workshop Composition Photography, mentioned below.

Composition Photography

The technique of shooting photos is largely embedded into digital cameras nowadays, but shooting a true speaking and lively photo is an art on itself. The well-known photographer Frans Lossie arranges workshops  on Le Bocage estate, so bring your camera and learn to compose your own photos!

Teaching is in his blood, so a course on Photo Composition will be a very knowledgable workshop on a very inspiring and historical location. At the end of the course, all participants choose the most spectacular photo and the winner gets the occupation costs reimbursed!

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Culture & Philosophy week in France

Just a week with your thoughts! A strong impulse for your common sense on the beautiful estate of Le Bocage in France.

In silence, we will have our experts, talk you to a in justly contradiction between science and common sense. How can we lure our common sense out of the black books and give it the position is deserves?

This is what we will investigate with each other, un der the expert guidance of Jan Bransen, tenured Professor of Philosophy at the Radboud University Nijmegen and author of the recently published book: “Laat je niets wijsmaken.”

Of course we are not only here to think. There is too much to see and experience in het Haut Marne province and the direct surroundings of the estate Le Bocage. Expert guide drs. Lisette Le Blanc, will take you on a cultural historic, recreative and energetical tour.

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Decorative floor painting

There is a wonderful holiday week begin prepared for a workshop of decorative floor painting at Le Bocage. The rooms on the second floor already have incredible decorations painted by Carine van Steen and she has some great ideas for the third floor. In this workshop, we will learn how the entire process goes. The floor of your room is the basis and if you are able to give that floor a special radiance, you will not have to do a lot to the walls, ceiling and interior decoration.

This workshop will most likely be combined with other creative workshops, like Sculpting or the composition Photography workshop.

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