Catering at Le Domaine Le Bocage

Do you want to enjoy carefree and devote all your attention to your guests or course participants? Then Le Bocage takes this task with great pleasure.

Our intention with cooking is mainly that it has to be fresh, sustainable and organic and vegetarian as much as possible … but above all that it must be delicious and healthy, prepared with love and where possible we use the regional products of local entrepreneurs as much as possible.

Chateau le Bocage is located in the southern tip of the Champagne-Ardenne region. Neighboring departments are Burgundy and the Jura. France is a country that has many regional products and is very proud of it.

The departments of Aube, Marne and Haute-Marne cherish some 250 local products (Click here for regional products from Haut Marne). Restaurant owners who suggest regional dishes can be recognized by the ‘Table Régionale’ logo, a white chef’s hat on a red background.

For Le Bocage it is important to respect these products and the cooking techniques. In our menu cycle (see further on this page), the more familiar French dishes have been taken into account. This cycle serves as a guide, giving direction in both the budget and the variety in supply. Depending on the supply on the local markets, this may be deviated from.

Some well-known French specialties that are included are; Pommes Gratin, salad Nicoise, Coq au Vin, Ratatouille, Quiche Lorraine, Peche Melba and Tarte Tatin.


Culinary identity at Le Domaine Le Bocage

At Le Bocage we prepare (h) honest dishes. These are made with good ingredients. That is where ethics comes into play. That is why we work with meat from grazing cows, with cheeses made in the traditional way, with fish caught in a responsible manner and with vegetables that come as much as possible from the neighborhood or from our own vegetable garden.

Our motto is: “what comes close is tasty”. Ingredients do not have to travel far, are always fresh, so tastier. In addition, food from the environment is better for the environment, better for the farmer and his country and therefore better for ourselves.


It is possible to have the culinary interpretation fully or partially arranged by us. From an extensive lunch or special dinner – to enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner – fully catered At our special location you will taste France’s point.

There can be eaten on our beautiful estate near the vegetable garden where you get even more the experience of eating and drinking in the middle of the used products in the kitchen. We are lovers of French specialties, that speaks for itself. Our recipes are inspired by this “unique” kitchen

The recipes serve as a guide, the supply on the market is decisive. Although we like meat and fish, it does not have to be the main component of the meal in our opinion – The vegetables on the French markets give us so much inspiration! FRESH – that’s what it should be.

If you opt for full service, we will start the day with a full breakfast; fresh fruit, bread from the local bakery, honey, Nutella and vegetable garden jam. For lunch there is always a fresh soup or savory pie and fresh salad, bread from the local bakery, regional cheese and meat products. During the cozy dinner, which you enjoy at long tables, French specialties are served. FRESH and many vegetables are the starting point here again. We end the day with a delicious dessert.


Organic vegetable garden from Le Bocage


Haute Marne Champagne-Ardenne region


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