Le Bocage is located in an area where history is visible and palpable. The vast farmlands, valleys, forests and ancient villages reveal their secrets and legends to the observant visitor.


The small village of Savigny, on the edge of which the estate is situated, has only 62 inhabitants (2012) and is located in the southern part of the Haute-Marne department. Here, tranquility, clean air and culture determine the way of life. It is a place where real originality can be found.

Savigny is surrounded by beautiful villages such as Pressigny, Voncourt, Farincourt, Valleroy and Gilley. At a distance of 8 km is the town of Fayl-Billot, where you will find shops for the first necessities of life and the only basketry training center in France.


At a distance of 30 km (twenty minutes by car) is Langres, an old fortified town surrounded by 3,5 km of ramparts and twelve towers. In this town, where during the summer period many special events are organized, you will find supermarkets and a cosy old town centre crisscrossed by a maze of small streets. There is also an indoor swimming pool. The ramparts can be walked on or be admired from aboard a tourist train. A visit to Langres can be easily combined with a visit to one of the four lakes in the area. For example, the Lac de la Liez is very suitable for swimming, water-skiing, pedaling on a pedal boat or canoeing.

The plateau of Langres, where the river Maas rises, ends rather abruptly and changes to a landscape of beautiful valleys, where tree flanked lanes lead to hidden villages. And although time has not come to a complete standstill, here the peace and quiet of French rural life can really be felt. In the last fifty years, the area has seen little economic development, which permitted it to preserve its authenticity.

The inhabitants too are very much aware of this authenticity and it is intended to proclaim this area a national park. The Haute-Marne department is sparsely populated – less than thirty inhabitants per square kilometre. It has a rich history, going back to the times of the Roman empire. From the Roman period dates for example the health resort Bourbonne-les-Bains. But there are also many excavations, for example of an abbey, a Roman villa and a Roman theatre.

Furthermore, golf fans find several golf courses in the area and there are many villages, towns and castles very much worth visiting.

Dijon (at 75 km) is the capital of Burgundy and known for its impressive old buildings, such as the former Palace of the Dukes, which now houses the Musée des Beaux Arts, and of course for its mustard. In Dijon you will find many shops and restaurants and also a wine tasting centre.

Nancy is particularly well known for its variety of beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings. In the suburbs Saurupt and Nancy Thermal, Art Nouveau villas are side by side with their Art Deco counterparts. In Nancy is also the Art Nouveau museum (Musée de l’École).

Château Le Bocage is a typical example of early Art Nouveau and, when you’re there, why not also pay a visit to Nancy and put yourself to the test determining whether the remarkable buildings are built in Art Nouveau or Art Deco style?


Much more information on this subject is to be found in our estate library!

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