Welcome to Le Bocage, Savigny!

On the estate of Le Bocage, are two very special structures located close to each other:

The 19th Century Château called Le Bocage and adjecent to it, the almost 200 year old 19th Century Hunting Lodge called St. Hubert.

Château Le Bocage

Hunting Lodge St. Hubert


The Le Bocage estate is located in the village of Savigny, a rural and authentic french village, which in itself is located in the department or province of Haut-Marne.

There are 26 Savigny villages in France and “our” Savigny lies in the most southern tip of the Champagne-Ardennes region, bordering the Burgundy region. It has the postal code 52500.

The Le Bocage estate is a truly a retreat location for peace and quietness, where it also is full of life from activities.

Oceans of space

The estate offers a stylish group accomodation in Le Bocage for a maximum of 36 people and the Gîte/Hunting Lodge St. Hubert, can house up to 15 people.

In total there are more than 50 people welcome at any given moment in our two buildings. Besides these spacious accomodations, the estate grounds in itself offer the option to accomodate 6 tents.


News and Activities

The latest news and activities on Le Bocage

2018: the 3rd edition

This cellists workshop will be hosted at the Le Bocage estate. Click here for more information


Art au Vert

In 2018, Art au Vert will organise yet another permanent exposition on the estate. Click here for more information.


Family Weeks

Le Bocage offers in 2018 special themed Family Weeks
Click for more information


Biodanza 2018

Le Bocage offers all the space and peace for self-expression
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More about Le Bocage

Learn and see more about Le Bocage and the rich history behind this unique and special estate and the surroundings, where Le Bocage is located.

Hunting Lodge St. Hubert

Century old trees

Savigny surroundings

Ley Lines


Experiences on Le Bocage estate

Le Bocage estate or domaine, is the ideal place for all sorts of memorable experiences, check the possibilities below.

Sportive activities and experiences

Body & Mind


Musical experiences



Short history of the Le Bocage estate

Short history of the Le Bocage estate. Charles Bezanson, mayor of Savigny from 1874 to 1897, built a new château in the early Art Nouveau style on the foundations of a different, older castle, that was burned down and destroyed completely in 1624 because of a family feud. The delivery of Le Bocage was done in 1881.

The initials CB are molded into the building structures and fences, in several places throughout.

The hunting Lodge St. Hubert is build in the Neo-Classical style and sits adjacent to the Château. It dates from mid-19th century.

Before the buildings got their current purpose as group accomodations and Chambres d’Hôtes (since 2003), they were in service as a holiday and recovery destination for children from Chaumont, a so called Colonie de Vacance. According to the local stories, there is still a lot to discover on the estate, like the foundations of much older buildings, objects from turbulent times, such as the Hundred Years War (1337-1453) and the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) and tunnels that go from the estate and lead to different estate grounds. Also there are centuries-old cellars and tunnelcomplexes, that still have to give up their secrets.

During your visit we are more tha glad to tell you all about the mving and turbulent times and history of the estate and its surroundings.


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